The Angel and the Donkey

This Story from the Hebrew Bible recounts how a stubborn donkey delivers an important message from an angel and helps her master, a powerful curse-layer, overcome his greedy dreams of gold and silver—and saves the Israelites from the King of Moab.

Set thousands of years ago near the river Euphrates, as the Israelites led by Moses search for a homeland, the tale is one of a few not told from the Israelite point of view and one of just two involving a talking animal.

Skillfully retold by one of the best-loved and most widely read children’s book authors of today, the text is perfectly complemented by richly textured, detailed paintings. Included is an afterword giving background information about how the stories of the Bible were put together.

Together Katherine Paterson and Alexander Koshkin have beautifully illuminated an important message to be shared with readers of any age.

PUBLISHER: Clarion Books
ISBN 9780618378401